Top Ranking in Google Places allows you Local Market Domination

If you’re a small business listed in Google Places who is looking to gain a dominant online presence in your local market – you’ve come to the right place. The Silent Seller prides itself both in its free information on this site – as well as the services we perform for our clients – to help you be at the top of the search engines for the terms your customers are searching for.

One way to get immediate customers is to get top ranking on Google places for local search terms.

First, what is Google Places? It’s a free service specifically designed to help local businesses be found in the search engines when users perform a local search as well as providing a digitally curated list of the best to the reader.

You can submit your Places business listing by going here –

Research Helps You Get a Top Ranking

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Now here are some tips that can help you optimize and get top ranking in your Google Places listings.
First, fill out every single detail you can. This will help you show up more often on the search engines and get more clicks. Simply put – Google favours local listings with MORE content. If this means making a simple slide show picture video so you can submit a video on your Google Places listing, so be it. If this means offering a 1 cent coupon just so you have a coupon listed on your listing, so be it!
You want to also put at least 10 photos – and you want to know those photos appropriately in ways that would get your more traffic via keyword optimization– i.e. keyword rich photo titles will increase your chances of getting more traffic in the search engines.

Top Rank in Google Places

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Let’s talk about keyword optimization a bit more. You have to optimize your keywords in your Google Places listing so more people can find you when they do local searches and develop a dominant online presence. So how do you know what keywords to go after? Simple. Find your competitors websites. Then right click -> view source once you’re on their website.
Next, look at the source code at the very top of the view source page for something called “meta keywords”. Most sites have their meta keywords set. If you can’t find meta keywords, move on to the next site. If you do, simply write down all the meta keywords your competition is using on that one site, then move on.

Do this for all your competitor websites and you’ll have a whole bunch of keywords to use when you create your Google Places listings and you will be on your way to top ranking. For more information on Google Places or Google Business + Pages , please feel free to contact us here at The Silent Seller!