Small Business Guide to Local SEO

Small Business Guide to Local SEO Here is an excellent item from the Marketing Exchange on Local SEO. Via Marketing Exchange - Click to enlarge. Other Local SEO resources For more on Local SEO here are some other posts on the topic. < a href="">10 Easy Local SEO & Online Marketing Tips by Lee Odden [...]

3 Local Search Marketing Tips

Local Search Marketing Tips Local search marketing is driven by what the search engines can spider or collect from the text on the page and its relevance to the users search. It relies heavily on the context for the user searching and relates to the type of device, behaviour of the searcher and other personalization [...]

Content Marketing to Generate Leads

Content Marketing for Lead Generation Content Marketing is the practice of telling people who you are, what you are about and whats in it for them. Basic thoughts but important if you are trying to build your reputation online and attract more clients. How you do it is basic to the story you would tell [...]

Get Listed- Local Search Marketing Tips

Top Local Search Marketing Tip- Use Get Listed Local search Marketing allows you to gain visibility and citations from across the Web. It helps people find your business. This is important as with the growing trend for local search you will be exposed to more customers and they will see your listings. verifies [...]

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Success

Search Engine Optimization Made Simple Search Engine Optimization is the topic of the video below narrated by Maile Ohye , Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google. Titled SEO for Startups in under 10 minutes I thought it would be useful for readers of The Silent Seller to view it due to its clarity and simplicity. [...]

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SEO Tips- Speed Up

SEO Tips for the Need for Speed My No 1 SEO Tips towards speed. Page load time is important for your website and is becoming an item that Google is using in their ranking algorithm. When I say speed of load I mean how fast your website loads in a browser. According to SEO expert [...]

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Local Search Marketing Ideas

Local Search marketing Ideas This is a new service I am using that you might want to use for yourself if you provide information of value on the topic of your choice. It is a great tool for finding and curating items of interest to you and your readers. Local Search marketing Ideas on [...]

Cambridge Ontario SEO by The Silent Seller

Cambridge, Ontario SEO provided by The Silent Seller Why would you need a Cambridge Ontario SEO provider? Simply because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your business or practice noticed by the searchers online,helps you to increase leads, build traffic to your website and otherwise improve your visibiity to search engines. Who could not use more [...]

In Local SEO Citations are Important

Local SEO Citations are Important Local SEO Citations are an important part of building backlinks as well as authority for your local business and gaining more credibility and ranking in the eyes of the search engines. A citation is where your business or practice is mentioned on another website along with your address and phone [...]

Search Engine Optimization Specialists

What Are Search Engine Optimization Specialists? SEO located in Cambridge and Buffalo,NY. The Silent Seller specializes in local search for local business. Search engine optimization - SEO get your local business found with online advertising. Search Engine Optimization Specialists are just that. They construct your communication, written,video or voice so that it can be indexed [...]