Online Marketing that Works

Online Marketing Has Many Guides My online marketing friend Oli Garder at Unbounce in Vancouver is one of the marketers that I like to follow because he is always providing excellent online marketing content that is informative and teaches. This process is in itself one of the best forms of marketing because it allows people [...]

Web Analytics Make Dollars and Sense

Why Web Analytics are Necessary Web Analytics are necessary to give you some measurement and analysis on your online objectives. They give you a sense of where your dollars are or are not coming from. Imagine starting out on a journey with no map, no log and no path to follow. Might be a bit difficult. But in business planning and strategy for local search marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) on the web you need to collect information by using web analytics software in order that you show by measurement what your plan is doing, what route or path are you going on and how will you know you have achieved your objective. […]

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Social Media Marketing – Marketing Minute #2

Social Media Marketing Here is a Marketing Minute Tip from Rob Metras, The Silent Seller on using social tools to amplify the message from your business blog and engage your users. Social Media Marketing Amplifies Valuable Content Like in all social venues and indeed your business blog you want to share something of interest and [...]

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Business Blog Importance

Your Business Blog is Important If you want to interest people in a business, professional practice or idea you have to talk to people where they are and engage them to see you as the expert in that area. For the purposes of this article I assume you know what a blog is, or you [...]