Big Data Explained

Big Data Explained I met Alex Rascanu in Toronto at one of the marketing meetups that he hosted or participated in. He, is a self described "Digital marketing strategist and speaker. Founder and Sr. Event Producer at EVENTS&. Founder of Marketers Without Borders." and  is a very talented entrepreneur with a lot of hustle. He operates [...]

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How you get Accurate Local Page Listings and Prosper

Importance of Accurate Google + Local Page Listings In this time and age people rely more and more on the internet to search for people as well as locate stores, business place or anything remotely related to businesses they deal with. And for this purpose it is vital for businesses to understand the importance of [...]

Why Simple Works

Why Simple Works I was visiting Danny Brown's blog as I do on a regular basis and came across this pdf and it seems to be a good primer on how good marketing works in either business or non-profit ventures. I came across it when I left a comment on a post and he offered [...]

Twitter Drives Traffic

Twitter as a Traffic Driver Do you get value for your business from Twitter? Do you engage with your customers and share valuable information with them ? Do you get retweeted a lot ? You can answer these questions and improve your social media outreach on Twitter by doing some simple things. It is possible [...]

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Six Viral Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Viral Marketing Tips Viral marketing is one of the biggest keys to attracting new customers. Most businesses don't  take advantage of this like they should. What does viral marketing mean? It is  essentially where other people recommend your product or website to others. It is  another word for referral advertising. And with referral advertising comes [...]

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Content Marketing to Generate Leads

Content Marketing for Lead Generation Content Marketing is the practice of telling people who you are, what you are about and whats in it for them. Basic thoughts but important if you are trying to build your reputation online and attract more clients. How you do it is basic to the story you would tell [...]

Marketing Strategy For Small Business – Why A Website?

Small Business Marketing Strategy Instead of "here is my marketing strategy and plan", usually the first thing I hear from small businesses,dentists and other professionals is that they must have a website. I hear that almost as much as Facebook pages and the latest Social Media flavor of the day. My usual question is yes, [...]

Green Your Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Green Guerilla Marketing Tactics My friend and mentor, master copywriter Ray Edwards passed a note on to me today about this new title out by the remarkable J. Conrad Levinson. Ray is the author of his own bestseller Writing Riches: Learn How to Boost Profits, Drive Sales and Master Your Financial Destiny With Results-Based Web [...]

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Social Media Automation -Distribution not Content

Social Media Automation - Distribution Social media automation is becoming more important as the number of different channels you are using grows by leaps and bounds. Just when you start to get things cranking on one site another pops up. I am not talking bout the flavor of the week type sites but some of [...]

Content Must Deliver Value

Why do We Produce Content with Value ?   It seems silly to ask this question but it is so important to outline that your content must deliver value to the reader,or they may not visit you again or find someone else who provides the information they are looking for. It is like meeting someone [...]