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Robert is an experienced marketer and author. He helps businesses, professionals and organizations to raise their online visibility in local search and get more from their promotions and advertising and free use of search engine products.

Content Marketing to Generate Leads

Content Marketing for Lead Generation Content Marketing is the practice of telling people who you are, what you are about and whats in it for them. Basic thoughts but important if you are trying to build your reputation online and attract more clients. How you do it is basic to the story you would tell [...]

Marketing Analytics for the C-Suite

Analytics Matter Marketing Analytics Optimization Framework with Bryan Eisenberg If you are a marketer one of the sharpest guys in town for me is Bryan Eisenberg and I came across this video as part of post he had written for Click Z's Analytics column. Bryan also refers in the video to the undisputed King of [...]

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Tweetsmap- Cool Twitter Tool

Tweetsmap-Map your Twitter Followers I found this cool tool to map your twitter followers around the world. It tells you where the most of your followers are so you can have an idea of your audience. Here is the Silent Seller's below. View TheSilentSeller's profile on TweepsMap Follow The Silent Seller on Twitter View TheSilentSeller's [...]

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3 Top Marketing System Tips for Success

 Marketing system Tip No 1: Create A Community Around You Your best marketing system tip is be conscious of and build your community around you. If you build your community your community will help you build your business.  Every business needs a marketing system to do the following things according to top small business marketing [...]

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Marketing Strategy For Small Business – Why A Website?

Small Business Marketing Strategy Instead of "here is my marketing strategy and plan", usually the first thing I hear from small businesses,dentists and other professionals is that they must have a website. I hear that almost as much as Facebook pages and the latest Social Media flavor of the day. My usual question is yes, [...]

Lead Capture |Are You Missing Leads ?| Use Mailchimp

Don't Miss Leads- Use Mailchimp for Lead Capture Your lead capture is an important facet of marketing your business or professional practice when you have a web presence. One of the best lead capture tools is a good autoresponder. Powered by MailChimp What is an Autoresponder ? In lead capture you want to capture a [...]

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Get Listed by Universal Business Listings

Why Universal Business Listings Universal Business Listings is the topic of my video interview today with Brett Fritz SVP Sales at U.B.L.. Below we discuss the service and the importance of an accurate business listing to ensure that you can be found by search engines,directory sites, social media sites,citation locations and GPS suppliers. Get Your [...]

Earned Media Strategy for Your Business

Do You Have an Earned Media Strategy?   Earned Media is just that; you have to earn the trust in order to get the exposure and local visibility Earned Media is unpaid publicity through either mainstream outlets like television, radio or print, digital outlets like traditional web publishers, or social media outlets like blogs, communities, [...]

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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Success

Search Engine Optimization Made Simple Search Engine Optimization is the topic of the video below narrated by Maile Ohye , Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google. Titled SEO for Startups in under 10 minutes I thought it would be useful for readers of The Silent Seller to view it due to its clarity and simplicity. [...]

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Amherst New York SEO

Amherst New York SEO provided by The Silent Seller Why would you need a Amherst NewYork SEO provider? Simply because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your business or practice noticed by the searchers online,helps you to increase leads, build traffic to your website and otherwise improve your visibiity to search engines. Who could not use more business [...]

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